High fidelity cables

The main feature of the “High fidelity series” of ECOBOX Cables is their liquidity and gentle presence of every small detail of the music. They are able to retract to you the most fine details and emotions, which the author, the musicians and the sound engineers are put to the music, you are listening. This very small details are the most important part of the music, because they represent the message that each of the above has given. The “High fidelity series” are known for its balanced picture, high musicality, the presence of ease and “air” in the music scene. They perform well with classical music, hip-hop and death metal. Their presence is very real and opened, you really believe, the band is in your room! Creating them is result of lengthy research and testing different materials and combinations thereof. Underlying those incredible sounding cables is the use of multiple, thin sinew pure oxygen-free copper, coated with a special blend of metals and the use of high quality connectors and materials. You will feel the emotion with ECOBOX cables.


RCA interconnects pair
XLR interconnects pair
Main leads ( 220/240V )
Speaker cables pair


Prices on request

Above shown prices are based on 1 meter length ( for the interconnects and main leads ) and 2 meters length for the speaker cables. For longer cables – prices by request.

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