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Ecobox High Fidelity Cables

High fidelity cables

We created the High fidelity series of cables to complement the performance of our high-end loudspeakers. This approach allows us to ensure the signal consistency from the source to the speaker. The cables are a result of long-term research and analyses of various materials and combinations. We manufacture them using multiple, thin sinew pure oxygen-free copper, coated with a special blend of metals. Hand-crafted, high-quality connectors and components establish an excellent audiophile product.

Ecobox High Fidelity Cables

Presenting the most delicate music nuances

Ecobox cables bring vivid emotion to your living room. Their liquidity and gentle presence of all tiny music nuances are second to none. They are able to retract the finest details and emotions, that the composer, the musicians and the sound engineers have introduced to the music. These small elements are the most important part of the music, as they convey the artist’s message to the audience.

A true sense of live

The “High fidelity series” is known for its balanced picture, high musicality, ease of presentation and air in the music scene. The cables perform equally well with classical music, hip-hop or even death metal. Their presence is very real and open, giving the true impression of a live performance right in front of you.

Ecobox High Fidelity Cables
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