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Red Haze High Fidelity Monoblock
Power Amplifiers

Red Haze Monoblock Amplifier front
Red Haze Monoblock Amplifier rear

Pure class A
power amplifiers

Red Haze High fidelity power amplifiers are pure class A monoblocks. They combine the long-term experience of our electronics specialists with the latest innovations in audio design. We have strived for achieving clean and natural sound, with analogue character. We have designed Red Haze monoblocks to make them a perfect fit both for your vinyl collection and your DSD streaming machines. At Ecobox, we firmly believe in the concept that the simplest designs are the most effective, and we have implemented this when creating these amps. Red Haze monoblocks do not possess any complicated electronic circuits, nor digital filtering. They are simple but efficient, revealing the true nature of the music. From the first watt to the end you get a clear and natural music picture with an open and very detailed stage, combined with wide bandwidth and smooth character. All instruments and voices sound natural and easy, so you can enjoy them for a long.

Bringing a piece of nature
to your living room

We designed and handcrafted the Red Haze monoblocks using only natural materials, such as real walnut, birch, and oak. The only metal elements in the amplifiers are the heat sinks, made from aluminium because of the high working temperature of the final stage transistors. We made these power amps not only with the sound in mind but their outlook. They easily fit any interior design, bringing there a piece of nature.

Technical specification

Output power 
Min. load impedance 
Input sensitivity 
Frequency response:

Signal to noise ratio 
Max power consumption 

0-20kHz – flat< 0.05 dB
0-100kHz +/- 1dB
< 0.05%

Price /per pair​/

7 990 EUR /VAT not included/

Free shipping to all EU countries

30 days money-back guarantee

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