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A true live-sound experience


These floor-standers bring a vivid sense of a live-sound experience. The images are larger, dynamics are wilder and tone density is meatier than the standard HiFi domestic speakers would recreate. The stage is wide, with very tight body, slightly separated and finely positioned instruments. The vocals are detailed and smooth, the cymbals will make you believe, you’re on the stage….

Clean and precise sound


Daydreams are the first home audio speakers to blend Dipol and Ripol technologies. Utilizing the Open Baffle design, they provide benefits such as clean and precise sound where the music signal doesn't get affected by the secondary sounds. Due to the absence of internal enclosure reflections, the associated turbulence and pressurization effects are no longer present. Thanks to the lateral null of counter-phase cancellation of the front and back half-waves the harmonic distortion is minimized and sidewall reflections are attenuated.

Daydream dipole OB loudspeaker banner 6m

"...superlative bass articulation, definition, precision and speed."
Srajan Ebaen,

An unconventional drivers design


Daydream's Dipol design is complemented by an unconventional approach to the mid- and high-frequency drivers design and positioning. It consists of six 2" aluminium drivers and one custom-built RAAL ribbon tweeter. The mass paralleling of the widebanders provides increased output while keeping the excursion requirements lower, respectively the distortion lower. All six drivers working in parallel together with their open backs means twelve times as much air displacement as just one of them in a box would produce.

Natural-sounding, clean
and tuneful bass


The Ripol design of the woofer goes beyond the standard W-shaped implementation. Two 15" bass drivers are mounted perpendicular to the main body, cone to cone, working in phase (not Push-Pull). The result is a synergetic effort that provides significantly increased acoustic energy. The overall benefit is natural-sounding, clean and tuneful bass with clear detail.  The low frequencies became part of the whole image and can't be located as it often happens with closed systems.





Weight (per pcs)

Transport weight

1380 mm 

  424 mm

  740 mm

  20 kg

  60 kg

Technical specifications


Nominal impedance   

Frequency response  


Max power handling   


34Hz – 34kHz by 0, -3dB

21Hz-54kHz by 0,-10dB


Price /per pair​/

34 990 EUR /VAT not included/
Free shipping to all EU countries

Free shipping to all EU countries

30 days money-back guarantee

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