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Multi voice resonators

The resonator is acoustical device to use while listening to music.
It uses the kinetic energy of the sound waves reproduced by speakers, such a broadcast.
It completes the musical picture, especially the high-end of it.
“It enriches the musical picture and makes you believe, you are in the concert hall!”
The resonator can be used, depending on where it is placed in the room for several additional purposes, namely:
– More analog-sounding music playback from digital media;
– Adding a “live voice” to the stringed instruments and especially the brass instruments;
– Cheap decision to “upgrade” your equipment, especially when using older or low-end speakers;
– Dramatically improves the quality of music playback, even in rough acoustic rooms;
– Expansion of the music scene as a whole – by placing the resonators behind the listening area or in phase with the speakers;
– Expansion or contraction of the music scene, as well as projection and repositioning of parts of it, according to the client’s taste – by different positioning of the resonators in the room;
How to use:
Position in the room according to your taste!
( Recommend is to use at least two pieces of resonators )
This is a hand-crafted product!!! Every piece is cast separately and passes a long process of tuning and further processing. Delivery term is about three weeks after order.
It is possible to order a plywood plate in different color for an additional fee.

Price for one pair - 490EUR

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