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A priori Dipole OB speaker

A patented technology

‘A priori’ floor-standing loudspeakers are the younger and “more fashionable” siblings of our ‘Daydream’ high-end speakers. ‘A priori’ benefit from the same technology design - the patented fusion between the Dipol and Ripol approaches, while offering a cleaner, more contemporary outlook. ‘With their clear, straight lines and no additional details ‘A priori’ are made to contribute to any modern interior design while presenting a vivid and sensible sound experience.

Open Baffle design

‘A priori’ bring to life all the benefits of the Open Baffle design. They offer a true sound, with no colouration or other affects caused by the secondary waves typically created in a box. The counter-phase cancellation of the front and back half-waves appears at the vertical edge of the speakers and minimizes the harmonic distortion. In addition, the sidewall reflections get negligible as well. This effect enhances the acoustic presentation of ‘A priori’ and allows them to perform at their best even in an unfriendly acoustic environment, such as a modern house with hard floors and not much sound-absorbing furniture.

Apriori Daydream mid drivers.jpg

Linear power response


The design and positioning of the mid- and high-frequency drivers in ‘A priori’ are identical to the ones in ‘Daydream’. They use six 2" aluminium drivers and one custom-built RAAL ribbon tweeter. The mass paralleling of the small drivers provides much larger air displacement while benefitting from their speed. The lower excursion requirements of the paralleled widebanders keep the distortion lower. This design provides a more linear power response, making the custom RAAL ribbon a pure super tweeter.

Natural, clean
and tuneful bass

The low frequencies in ‘A priori’ are handled by a pair of 15" bass drivers mounted in a W-shaped Ripol cell perpendicular to the main body. The drivers are facing one against the other, working in phase, and not Push-Pull as one would have expected. They are positioned lower (closer to the floor) compared with the ones in ‘Daydream’. The floor boundary reinforcement approach increases the low-frequency perception with 1dB. Just like in ‘Daydream’ the bass sounds natural, clean and tuneful, bringing forward a very clear detail. The bass becomes part of the whole image and can't be pinpointed as it often happens in other systems.

Technical specifications


Nominal impedance   

Frequency response  


Max power handling   


34Hz – 34kHz by 0, -3dB

21Hz-54kHz by 0,-10dB






Weight (per pcs)

Transport weight

1340 mm 

  424 mm

  460 mm

  20 kg

  60 kg

Price /per pair​/

36 990 EUR /VAT not included/
Free shipping to all EU countries


Free shipping to all EU countries

30 days money-back guarantee

Apriori dipole OB loudspeaker banner hif

"Everything simply works in there and not a single aspect I’d tweak."
Dawid Grzyb,

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