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All custom-built

Get closer to the music and please yourself with the exciting experience of a real concert hall in your living room. Catharsis three-way loudspeakers are a product of Ecobox's long-year experience in hand-crafting home loudspeakers to delight all human senses. All our speakers are custom-built in natural veneer or any colour lacquer upon the customer's request to fit perfectly in any home interior design.

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ribbon driver

‘The realistic performance of the high frequencies is due to a true ribbon driver, custom-made by RAAL. Being clean and extremely detailed, it reaches up above 40 kHz. This ensures a rich and natural music picture without any colouration. 

Catharsis three-way mid- high frequency

A magical realism


The 5" midrange driver with open-back tube and uniform damping provides very smooth and airy sound, with no audible distortions. The open back tube approach allows you to listen also to the midrange driver back wave to get the feeling of magical realism. It also brings an incredible micro-detail, wide sound stage, and unbelievable instrument separation. 

Experience the base

The optimal bass performance is ensured by 10" woofers located on the side of the floor-standers. The drivers are placed in a closed volume box with floor boundary radiation reinforcement. This design allows you not only to hear the base but feel it with your whole body.

Technical specifications


Nominal impedance   

Frequency response  

Max power handling   


40Hz – 40kHz by 0, -3dB






Weight (per pcs)

Transport weight

1140 mm 

  210 mm

  350 mm

  23 kg

  60 kg

Price /per pair​/  

8 990 EUR /VAT not included/
Free shipping to all EU countries

Free shipping to all EU countries

30 days money-back guarantee

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