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Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance
Schumann resonance is a quasi constant electromagnetic waves (standing waves), formed by stratospheric activity on the ground and resonating in the “cavity” between the crust and the ionosphere of the planet. By intensity, they are not constant, but vary according to the intensity of the electrical atmospheric activity. These waves are amplified in periods of active thunderstorm activity decreased in periods of calm, but never disappear completely. Impact on them has and the intensity of solar activity. They were first discovered and measured fairly accurately in 1957 by the German geophysicist C. O. Schumann, hence their name. From the beginning it was assumed that the wave has a frequency of 10 Hz, but after more accurate measurements in 1959 it was found that the actual frequency is 7.83 Hz, respectively, harmonics of 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, etc. with a daily variation of ± 0.5 Hz. Since this phenomenon has existed since ancient times and was formed with our planet, it is called “the breath of the planet”, “heartbeat of the earth” and other artistic definitions. The formation of life on Earth and its evolution to modern species, including Homo sapiens also has proceeded under the influence of this phenomenon. Not accidentally, the frequencies of brain waves of humans are in the same range – from 8 to 12 hertz in different individuals. It has been proven that the Schumann resonance affect modern man of psychophysiological level and positively influence brain activity, helping electromagnetic connections between neurons, the brain and nervous system in general. There are recent studies that seek to prove that this resonance affect your living organisms positive and cellular level. In today’s world, with the development of technology and the increasingly global penetration of electronic technology in our lives, the values of Schumann resonance amend the power of these waves decreases more and more. This is caused primarily by human activities and poses a danger to the whole planet and for each particular individual. Currently, the values of these standing waves vary day intervals between 7.2 and 8.8 hertz in harmonic between 13.2 to 15.8 Hz. Modern wireless communication is the biggest “killer” of Schumann resonance. Waves from mobile phones, radios, devices for wireless data transmission, besides being harmful to the land and have a direct impact on the human brain, disrupting the natural rhythm of the brainwaves of each individual. This usually leads to irritability, lack of concentration, less memory, slower reactions, insomnia, anxiety, and in the worst cases – to severe depressions, a phenomenon, increasingly seen in modern society.

Schumann resonator is an electrical appliance generating waves with a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The device is powered by 12 volts PSU and has a consumption of 0.5 watts per hour. The device has a primary psychophysiological influences upon people, normalizes our living environment and neutralizes above mentioned negative influences.
By our tests, It was found the following:
In all, they used the device for 14 days was found after his expulsion, susceptibility to music drastically dropped. For some it appear as “I do not listen to music”, others as “Something flat sounds ….” “This amplifier is not broken?” Etc. Day after re-starting the appliance, these effects disappeared! That means that the appliance has more long-term and cumulative impact on the brain, but not immediately.
One resonator is enough for a room of about 13-15m2 to larger premises is necessary to install more, according to the square meters.

Price for one resonator - 89.90EUR


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