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A priori Dipole OB speaker

We are:

We are a boutique, high-end home loudspeakers, and power amplifiers manufacturer, based in Bulgaria. We empower our passion for pure and authentic sound to design and built the ultimate home audio speakers. The unorthodox approach of combining unconventional speaker design technologies, such as  DiPol and RiPol, allows us to achieve spectacular results both in sound quality and aesthetics.

We are a firm believer that sound should be kept as close to the original as possible. If Nature or the Artist has created it in a certain way we, as a loudspeaker manufacturer, are not allowed to tweak it but reproduce it in the most accurate way. We are simply providing the tool to transfer the energy from your source to your senses.

We are not just striving to keep the sound clean but our environment as well. All our products are manufactured with natural, recycled or recyclable materials, reducing the negative influence on our surroundings in the best possible way.


Our products are:


Our products are the result of an uncompromising engineering, stylish industrial design, and the finest craftsmanship. They are built to respond to the requirements of the most refined music lovers. 

Our products are custom-made upon request in order to suit the specific desires of each client. They are made to fit not only your audiophile but your visual aesthetics as well.

Our products are hand-made in Bulgaria, with extreme attention to each detail. They accumulate not just our experience and know-how but the passion for audio and strive for perfection.

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