Who we are:

We are young company, a team of specialists in the different fields of audio technique, join our efforts to develop and build for you the best sounding audio equipment, available on the market. Our long term experience and our dedication help us to go that direction with huge steps, striving for the highest levels of high-end technology and beyond!

We believe that nature and music are one and with all our actions we try to keep our environment clean. In the manufacture of our products, we rely heavily on natural products and recycled ones, reducing the negative influence of our activities on the environment.

In our design you will feel the taste of the best “analogue” times and something vintage, some high tuned people may find it a little bit “naive” …   ,but  …   Just have to hear it  …

We have developed our products to be available for you, but we don’t have them on stock,


taking into account clients preferences, desires and vision!

So – don’t hesitate to ask your questions!

Reading this, you’re ONE STEP CLOSER to your dream sound!

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