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An impressive
frequency range


Graal loudspeakers are the latest addition to the Ecobox portfolio of high-end home audio products. They are compact, full-range speakers, employing a single, Ecobox proprietary driver. A product of four-year R&D, EB-02FR driver, provides an impressive frequency range going down to 35Hz and reaching as high as 20kHz. Graal loudspeakers cover almost the complete human hearing spectrum without the interference of a crossover or any impedance correction, just a delightful listening experience from top to bottom.

Graal full range speakers 2_3 wood.jpg

Mid-range clarity and enhanced
low-frequency response


The full range speakers act as a point source. They reproduce sound in the only natural way, namely, delivering the whole spectrum of frequencies from a single source. This way, they provide a more precise articulation in your sounds and much more detail and clarity in the mid-range. Also, an enhanced low-frequency response is ensured by the transmission line design of the cabinet. This approach helps to deal with the undesired resonances while streamlining the speaker's energy.

Greater dynamics on higher listening levels

Being full-range speakers, Graals give quality and detail in the mid-level tones, which are typical for this design. What sets them apart from the other full rangers is their ability to handle more power and produce more dynamics on higher listening levels. They play smoothly and with the same ease, both a gentle, woman jazz vocal and a dubstep track. You can also savour your Napalm Death new vinyl.

Graal full range speaker variety.jpg

Custom-made finish

Keeping aline to our brand name, Ecobox, we always strive to build our products with the environment in mind. Graal full-range loudspeakers do not make any difference. Their sturdy enclosure is made of 17mm recycled paper high pressurized panels. And just like all our products, they are made upon customer's request with variations of natural veneer or all possible RAL/Pantone colours in matt and gloss.

Technical specifications


Nominal impedance   

Frequency response  

Max power handling   


35Hz – 20kHz by 0, -3dB,






Weight (per pcs)

Transport weight

985 mm

246 mm  336 mm

  34 kg        44 kg

Price /per pair​/

5 990 EUR /VAT not included/


Free shipping to all EU countries
30 days money-back guarantee

Mono and Stereo Graal speakers

"Ecobox Graal speakers make music listening an instant joyful affair..."

Matej Isak,

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