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Hifi Knights Review

RAfter taking into consideration what a typical OB affair needs to get going, extensive range of feasible amps is the major upshot in the A priori case and a very good reason for Ecobox to be proud. The above mentioned set of skills netted a thoroughly enjoyable and smooth ride. The car which took me to the destination place was not Toyota Corolla but Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat instead. And without a single issue along the road on top of all else, which leads to this very conclusion: if vented speakers don’t cut the mustard for you any longer and the top tier OB related plan is in the pipeline, the Ecobox team has got you covered. This time around you’ll hear and see what you pay for. Highly recommended. ‘Till next time. 


6moons audio reviewer

With those items sorted, let’s return to the lime light of special strengths: superlative bass articulation, definition, precision and speed. Think premium headfi projected outside the head onto a massive 3D screen. That’s what most won’t have heard before; to this degree or anything close. For sub 200Hz coverage, having the room fall away as any audible disturber, changer and imprinter is profoundly liberating. It’s the foundation for true fidelity but at this bandwidth, rarely achieved. ‘All the pluck, none of the muck’. In USB-bridge lingo, this nude Ripol solution became an acoustic decrappifier. For such potent non-lumpy agile tuneful bass to doggedly resist overwhelming the vital vocal range with disproportionate presence was another highlight. The Daydream’s power response felt unusually well balanced.


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