To bring back one legend to life...

Four years ago we have decided "Let's resurrect this legend", so now it is alive again in all it's beauty and incredible sound!

The body is BRAND NEW. BY the process of building we have used a copy from the original drawings from 1958 and we have created a 3D model, 100% identical to the original. The real body is 100% identical to the original one, build with same materials and methods of build.
The drivers, filters, horns and back side legs are original.
Each part has been restored and re-invested in the project.
ALL drivers come with new, ORIGINAL flickering systems, bass drivers - with original ORIGINAL folds.
The parts in the filters are measured and replaced with ORIGINAL ones if necessary.

The middle diffraction panel make you feel you're in the music...

Very solid base from the two LE15A's, light and airy mids and very, very gentle highs...

The sound stage is incredible, with extraordinary detail and very strict instrument positioning.

It sounds very good with a SE 4 watts tube amplifier, but it sounds also incredible with Exposure MCX 2x300watts Class A amplifiers.

True magic...

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